Consultations on legal issues

We provide legal assistance and support to our clients in all spheres of Russian and International law. We draw up and negotiate your contracts, advise you in corporate and tax law, provide legal representation, etc. We speak your native language and prepare all documents in two languages. More information

Business set up

PIPAL ILG supports your market entry and creates ideal conditions for your successful business activities in Russia. We manage the formation of your subsidiary, establish comprehensive structures and act as your partner in all issues concerning your business in Russia. We also handle import and export processes, check your business partners, support your transactions, both business and private. More information


Investment projects abroad

We are aware of investment opportunities from our trusted partners in different countries: from the ski resorts in Austria to the coastal hotels in Greece. We help you to choose a proper investment project, analyse the efficiency of capital and investment risks, provide support in all business activities. More information


The legal and business consulting company PIPAL ILG helps enterprises to enlarge their presence in Russia and Austria and also in the European Union and the Eurasian Economic Union and offers advisory services in all aspects of business. PIPAL ILG also assists companies that are already active in Russia and aim to improve the cooperation with their Russian business partners. We specialise in enhancing transparency in all levels of the transaction and also in creating individual solutions to optimise processes on site.

The Austrian-Russian company was founded by the Master of Jurisprudence Isabella Pipal and the Certificated Economist Ekaterina Ilg. You will find more information about our company in the section “TEAM”.

PIPAL ILG advises companies in all legal and business-related matters concerning the Russian and International market. We believe that an effective communication is necessary for a successful cooperation; therefore, at PIPAL ILG all contact persons speak at least two languages. We keep you up to date on the changes in Russian and International laws, help you to optimise business processes, support you in all business and non-corporate issues. To see the complete list of our services go to the section “SERVICES”.


Isabella Pipal on the Radio Moscow
Isabella Pipal visited the Radio Moscow and took part in the program "Vse svoyi".

Isabella Pipal on the radio Moskva FM
“Inostrannosti” – Interview with Polina Ermolaeva on the radio Moskva FM.

Merry Christmas and a Joyful New Year 2017!
Greetings from the General Director of PIPAL ILG Mag. Isabella Pipal.

Austrian master butcher + Austrian Bakery + Foreign Trade Center Moscow = Leberkäse (meatloaf) in Moscow
Pipal Ilg provided legal support to Austrian master butcher Markus Dormayer. In cooperation with Russian business partners, meatloaf should in future be produced in Russia under the addition of Markus Dormayer's know-how. Read the article from Austria's foreign ministry on Facebook.

A disadvantageous contractual term is an impediment to VAT deduction
Under the terms of the contract, the customer may not dispose of goods before the transfer of title. They are posted to the off-balance sheet account. The Ministry of Finance determined that no VAT deduction may be applied in such a situation because the customer has no right to use the goods in VATable transactions.

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