From 1 September 2016, information for bank customer identification may be submitted in electronic format

For identification purposes (updating customer information), organisations conducting transactions with funds or other assets may use information furnished by customers in the format of electronic document authenticated by an enhanced encrypted and certified digital signature.

Besides, a lending institution may (except as otherwise specified) open a bank account for a customer representing a Russian organisation without personal presence of its representative, if the latter is an individual entitled to act for a legal entity with full authority and at the same time:

– has earlier been identified in his personal presence;
– is currently being serviced by a given lending institution;
– information on him is updated at established intervals.
(Federal Law No. 191-FZ dated 23 June 2016)

Alterations will be made to the bank account opening procedure

From 1 September, banks will be entitled to open accounts and deposits and grant the right to use a corporate electronic payment instrument, based on data from the Unified State Register of Legal Entities, the State Register of Accredited Branches and Representative Offices of Foreign Legal Entities, and the Unified State Register of Private Entrepreneurs.

Previously, banks used to open accounts for organisations and private entrepreneurs and entitle them to use corporate electronic payment instruments for transfer of electronic money only after such organisations and private entrepreneurs provided a certificate of registration with a tax body.

The new regulations retain the requirement to provide the above certificate with respect to foreign entities whose details are missing from the State Register as well as with respect to private notaries and lawyers who have opened up a private legal practice.

(Federal Law No. 241-FZ dated 3 July 2016; Letter of the FTS of Russia No. СА-4-14/15846@ dated 29 August 2016).