We are aware of investment opportunities from our trusted partners in different countries: from the ski resorts in Austria to the coastal hotels in Greece. We help you to choose a proper investment project, analyse the efficiency of capital and investment risks, and provide support in all business activities.

We provide:

  • Investment projects according to your personal needs
  • Check and preparations of documents
  • Full legal support of a deal
  • Joint venture projects or an ongoing business
  • If necessary we help you to select the form of ownership and found a company

The full list of the legal and business services providing by our company is available in the section "Services".

Some investment projects and opportunities:

- Real estate investment and other projects

High-rise complex in the centre of Berlin
High-rise complex in the very heart of Berlin. Demolition work is in progress, soon the foundation will be laid, and the construction of the first level begins. The complex is intended for an office block and accommodation.
Holiday house in Austria
The villa is located in the nature reserve with a beautiful landscape. It is a perfect place for summer and winter holidays. There is a 250 km ski arena with ski lifts and well-prepared pistes not far from the house. There are also a plenty of lakes and golf courses for summer holidays.
Wind Park in Greece
Wind Park Investment Project in Greece.
Precious metals (gold, silver, etc.)
Precious metals working and trading.

- Life Insurance Investments

  • Life insurance
  • Life insurance solutions from different jurisdictions (e.g. Liechtenstein, Luxembourg or Bahamas)
  • Analyzing and optimising existing life insurance contracts


  • Wealth- and investor protection (Asset protection)
  • Estate- and asset planning
  • Investment flexibility
  • Tax optimisation – tax privileges for life insurance contracts
  • Liquidity needs – cancellation of the contract at any time in full or partially; pledge of the policy
  • Less administration effort and costs due to better or none reporting obligations
  • Diversification (solution / jurisdiction)
  • Discretion where applicable

- Investment funds

We can provide information about the other investment projects and opportunities. For further information, please contact as per e-mail or phone.

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